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Goodbye guesswork. Hello Sales Efficiency!

The end-to-end solution to drive higher productivity for call-center, digital sales, and feet-on-street teams.

What can LeadSquared do?

  • Increase funnel quality by 50%
  • Ensure zero lead leakage across all channels
  • Build end-to-end sales workflows with zero code
  • Segment your leads for targeted communication
  • Enable omnichannel communication
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Increased Patient Conversions by 5X

LeadSquared helped us deploy an effective communication system that improved our conversions by 5X for in-patient leads and 2X for registrations. It is now a key platform we use to manage all our leads. It has been a great experience overall.

Uni achieves 4x customer onboardings

LeadSquared helped us understand our mechanism well and design our sales process efficiently. With a high process transparency, we achieved 4x customer onboardings and 2x collection visits per agent per day.