HY 3KVA Lithium Portable Energy Bank


HYGE 3KW Lithium Portable Energy Bank

Sinewave AC output Lithium-ion battery bank
30A (750w) built-in AC charger
30A (1500w) built-in solar charger
Ultra-fast fully charging in one hour
Dual inputs. grid and solar
Built-in battery management system

The HYGE 3KW Portable Lithium is the ultimate game changer in the solar industry. Suitable for those looking for a pick-up-and-go solution, and for those looking for a direct connection to their home, the HYGE 3KW Portable Lithium Inverter, with its 3 AC outlets and terminal blocks provide the option the do both. Its ability to be connected to solar panels essentially provides users with an on-the-go loadshedding solution and is suitable for apartments and medium households. Expandable to 6KW through its parallel feature, this model is the ultimate product for expansion. Its slick features will have its owner forgetting about loadshedding and thinking that they jumped 5 years into the future with this products appealing design.

What can you power?

  • LED Light Bulb x 10 – 5.5hr
  • Fridge Freezer – 5hr
  • 50″ LED TV x 2 – 5hr
  • WiFi Router – 5hr

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