Modern Workspace Solutions

Microsoft Office 365

You will gain the value and insights from our real-world experience to make your transition a success: Azure AD

– integration, replication, and authentication Exchange Online
– planning, configuration, migration OneDrive
– migration and backup Microsoft Teams
– deployment, configuration, data migration and governance Financial Management
– billing and cost centre management Licence Management
– provisioning, optimisation End Point Delivery and Management
– mobile and desktop deployment and management Backup, Recovery and Archive
– data protection, restoration and archive solution selection and implementation.

Microsoft Endpoint Management

Managing traditional Standard Operating Environments (SOEs) can be complex and costly. Added security requirements such as Essential 8, backups and archiving, local administrator passwords and secure remote assistance creates even more complexity.

We supply a secure workplace solution for our customers: a modern, portable laptop device, mission-critical government-grade security, data protection and seamlessly integrated workplace productivity apps including Office 365.

One Drive

Microsoft OneDrive is a file hosting service operated by Microsoft.


We offer Microsoft Azure as a service as it has a growing collection of integrated Cloud computing services. With Azure, we help organizations, build infrastructure, develop modern applications, manage your identity and Storage, set your organization up with reliable backup disaster recovery options, migrate from on premises infrastructure to cloud, setup Azure Active Directory to monitor and manage your Infrastructure and more..


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